Game Gen was created by me, Nick Marks. I am a teacher, software developer, and home schooling dad. I worked on hit games like Kung Fu Panda and Shrek. And for ten years I ran the Computer Science Dept for the Art Institute of Los Angeles.

The above picture is of my two beautiful daughters. Although they are a lot older now! Without them Game Gen would not exist. Game Gen started with my deepest hope: "I want to make the classroom those two deserve." Quickly we saw it become a classroom every child deserves. A classroom that any kid who loves STEM can flourish in.

Game Gen bridges the gap between the technology kids crave and the necessary, real-world, critical- thinking skills they need to succeed. We use games to create one of the most engaging and thought-provoking classrooms you will ever visit. Our students and parents truly love the Game Gen experience and the results speak for themselves.

Since Game Gen's creation in 2015 our teachers have taught thousands of students coding and math. Their games and apps have been played countless times all over the world. Our members lives have become richer and their futures brighter because of their experiences at Game Gen.

Thank you for your interest in looking at our About page. We love teaching and hope to see you someday at Game Gen!
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