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Creative Arts Program


Classes in coding, art, & game design. Stop just playing games! Learn the science of making your own.

Learn to recreate classic game like Super MarioZelda, and many more. We have the most engaging coding and digital art classes on the internet.

Learn what the Open Metaverse is and how you can build it.



Full-time and 1 day Options

Private Pay, Self Determination, and Regional Center Funding Accepted


Our students are the most productive, confident, and exceptionally minded students on the planet.


100% of our students agree. They love Game Gen coding and art lessons.


Video, voice, screen-sharing and great teachers. Very flexible scheduling for families.


Our students build up portfolios, skills in technology, and apply for jobs in our creative arts program.



Hourly Computer Science Online Classes

Great Classes

All our students agree! They love Game Gen. Our live online classrooms keep our students excited and engaged to learn about what they!

Limited Space

Due to high demand from Covid-19 Pandemic we have very limited space. However, we are still accepting students at this time.


"My son is on the spectrum. He has a very hard time fitting in and focusing at school. Last year he started being bullied and never wanted to go. However he can't wait to go to Game Gen every week. He has never been happier and more interested in something ever in his life. He has been at Game Gen for 2 years. His talents in coding are really starting to show. Learning computer science was the best thing for him. Thank you Game Gen and your amazing teachers."

Rachel - Parent

" My daughter was 16 when we enrolled her in Game Gen. She didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life when we enrolled. I am happy to report we just received a letter from NYU accepting her into their computer science program. I credit Game Gen for helping my daughter find a direction with her life."

Amanda - Parents

" Game Gen is better than my real school. I make things that I want to make and learn about things I wanna learn!"

Josh - Student

" All of you are amazing! You have been so helpful and uplifting for my son, Marc and myself in this crisis. Take care."

Julie - Parent


Video Game Coding and Art Classes

If you want to learn to make video games then this is the place to be. 

Enroll today! Spots are going quick!

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