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Game Gen Adults
Self-Determination Form Request
  1. Please carefully read the admission criteria before applying.

  2. If you meet the requirements please fill out the Self-Determination Form Request below. ​

You will be contacted within 24 hours by email or phone by a Game Gen Administrator.


Candidate Criteria

• Individual must be part of Self-Determination, Regional Center Program.

• Individual must be 18 or older.


• Individual must express an interest in any of the following: games, technology, math, art, or coding.


• Individual does not present a danger to themselves or others. 


• Individual demonstrates social, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary for vocational or work-related training in the software development industry.


• Individual must have the ability to communicate verbally.


• Individual does not require one-on-one intervention and/or prompting for safety, behavioral support or comprehension.

Self-Determination Form Request

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon! 1.833.426.3436 for questions or email us at

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