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Game Gen's

Online Studio


Far apart, but yet
so close together.

Game Gen uses Discord to recreate our in-person studio experience completely online!

We've tested many solutions, and found that Discord is the best one to allow our students and teachers to meet with each other how they see fit.

Most of our students and teachers are already familiar with Discord, so onboarding is a breeze.

Direct lines to our amazing community.

Each student is teamed up with a teacher, and every student can work with any teacher anytime.

Students can start private one-on-one text and voice conversations with our teachers, just a few clicks away!

Since our teachers have diverse specialties and experience, all of our students can build a great foundation of the game development pipeline.


Enough room to
get stuff done.

Like our in-person studios, we have purpose-built rooms that students and teachers can work together in, based on what they're up to.


Students can switch between rooms dedicated to art or programming help, or to simply socialize.

Everyone can talk over voice, share their screen and webcam video, or just chat through text for shy or non-verbal students!

Since our work changes over time, rooms are changed as-needed to improve our workflows.

Working independently together.

The dynamic between our students and teachers remains top-notch!

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