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Our online program teaches adults the skills required for a career in the computer science industry. Our students learn coding, art, design, and animation. These skills can be applied to making video games, apps and websites.


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Our Mission

Game Gen provides vocational job training, academic support, and product development in the field of computer science. Our mission is to create a productive community that provides an educational pathway for individuals to achieve meaningful lives through valued employment and lifelong friendships. Our ultimate goal is to see our students go on to lead creative, financially independent, socially connected, and preferred lives.

Video Game

Coding & Design

Learn to create and publish your own software application.

Video Game

Art & Animation


Learn to create professional 3D art and build interactive worlds.


Our focus is on giving students the skills they need for a career in the computer industry.


We also teach adults with developmental disabilities and those on the autistic spectrum


This is a fulltime school. We are looking for dedicated passionate individuals who really want a career in computer science.


Words cannot express how utterly awesome our community of like-minded and talented students are. 


Limited Spots Available - Enrollment is open for classes now.

Online at first and then transition to physical classes once quarantine lifted. Get in now before spots are all gone!


"Game Gen is helping Erick to reach his goals and be successful in what it is he loves to do. Erick has always spoken to us about his dreams and how he wants to pursue becoming a game designer.This program is what he needs in order to be successful and make his dreams happen. Erick is the happiest he is ever been because it's something he's wanted to do for a long time. We had not had the opportunity to find a program like Game Gen. Game Gen is very special because it is helping teach people with developmental disabilities how to create video games"

Elena - Parents

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We have limited amount of spaces and are currently interviewing prospective students. If you or one of your family members would benefit from our services please fill out a candidate form.

Global Game Jam

Our Spectrum Adults were winners at the 2018 Global Game Jam. Check out the video!

Our Work

Game Gen is unique. We don't hold kids hands. They learn the same tools that pro's use. They learn to make real products that people really use.

Check out GameGen.Games and play some of their work.

Game Gen

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